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Posted by Jason Bouchard on May 29, 2018 at 8:40 AM

Model RT 36

Boiler: 32.5 mm / hopper kettle .

Edge: 7.5 mm / outer edge rounded, inner edge sharp.

Bore: 8.3 mm

Resistance: Slightly prominent.

The medium-sized tank volume allows a considerable sonority, but with a bright, symphonic tone. The narrow edge offers great advantages in terms of agility and control.

Model RT-44

Boiler: 32.5 mm / center low, rounded.

Edge: 7.5 mm / outer edge round, inner edge medium sharp.

Bore: 8.4 mm

Resistance: Moderate to allow quick response and slight depth.

Noble, colorful tone. Good mobility and

fast response in depth. Very good projection. The slightly smaller dimensions compared to the above models are compensated by a wide bore hole.


Model RT 48  Best Sellers

Boiler: 32.5 mm / full, deep cone shape.

Edge: 8.0 mm / flat edge with clearly defined inner edge.

Bore: 8.25 mm / open rear hole.

Resistance: Low to allow great dynamics.

Large mouthpiece with voluminous, broad symphonic

nischem sound. Weighty and full of character. For medium or wide CC. and B. Tubes. Easy height despite large cauldron.

Model RT-88, RT-88L and RT-88 + Best Sellers

Boiler: 33.5 mm / deep cone shape, elaborate.

Edge: 7.0 mm / narrow, inner or outer edge round.

Bore: 8.1 mm / open rear hole.

Resistance: Low to allow great dynamics.

Large contrabass tuba mouthpiece for orchestra use. The kettle is slightly wider than the PT-50, but not quite as deep. Full, pithy, colorful tone. For well trained wind players. Powerful volume, wide, weighty depth.

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