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Mirafone BBb 4 rotary valve Tuba


This is a Mirafone 4 rotary valve tuba with the bell kranze in lacquered brass dating to the 1970's. The instrument is in used condition and has no denting has the lacquer complete throughout the body. The overall sound, tuning, and intonation are everything you would come to expect from a mirafone. The instruments plays great in all ranges and the tuning is solid in all ranges of the instrument. The slides on the instrument all move easily and are in great shape. The valves are quick, quiet, and do not leak. The compression is great and their are no leaks in the valves or the casings. The instrument has the typical mirafone German sound and is great instrument for the person looking for an solid instrument from a maker with a long history of making great instruments.



The instrument comes with a hard case and NO mouthpiece, but a mouthpiece can be added for an additional cost.

Key: BBb

Size: 4/4

Bore: .772-inch

Bell: 17.7-inch

Bell Position: Upright

Number of Valves: 4 or 5

Valve Position: Front

Valve Type: Rotary

Valve Material: Brass

Features: All-Brass Construction

Case: No

Mouthpiece: Miraphone TU29

Finish: Lacquer

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